Travel insurance



Customer information pursuant to the Insurance Policy Act (IPA)

The following customer information gives a clear and concise overview of the identity of the insurer and the key contents of the insurance policy (Art. 3 of the Federal Insurance Policy Act (IPA)). The content and scope of the rights and obligations arising under the policy derive solely from the Policy Terms and Conditions (T&C).

Who is the insurer?

The insurer is Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG, Dufourstrasse 40, 9000 St. Gallen.

Who is the policyholder?

The policyholder is Helvetic Assistance GmbH, Industriestrasse 12, 8305 Dietlikon.

Who is the intermediary?

The intermediary is Language Travel Reinvented AG, Südstrasse 11, 8008 Zurich.

Who is insured?

The insured persons are those people listed on the booking confirmation and/or travel package invoice.

What risks are insured and what is the scope of cover?

The risks insured under each policy and the scope and restrictions of cover are set out in the booking confirmation and the Policy Terms and Conditions (T&C). For ease of reference, a summary of the various insurance components available is provided below:

  • Cancellation costs

Cover for the cancellation costs owed by the insured person (up to a maximum of the sum insured set out in the confirmation of insurance), if the insured person cannot start the trip he/she has booked and has to cancel due to serious illness or accident, death, pregnancy complications, serious material damage to property at home, delay and cancellation of the means of transport on the outward journey, danger at the travel destination (war, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, natural disasters), strikes, unemployment or starting a job unexpectedly. Compensation extends to the additional travel costs that arise in connection with a delayed departure due to an insured event. The course fees paid by an insured person are reimbursed if the tutor falls ill or suffers an accident and no substitute can be found in reasonable time.

  • Assistance

Cover for the organisation and assumption of the costs of transportation to the nearest hospital, repatriation to a hospital or to the place of residence (with or without medical attendance), if during the trip the insured person becomes seriously ill or seriously injured or if an unexpected worsening of a chronic condition, as certified by a doctor, occurs. Cover extends to the organisation and assumption of the costs of the extra return journey caused by a travelling companion or a family member having to break off the trip, in the event of travel interruption due to illness, accident or death of a closely connected person not travelling on the trip or of the person deputising for the insured person at his/her place of work, or due to serious damage to the property of the insured person at the insured person’s place of residence, or because of unrest, terrorist attacks, natural disasters or strikes at the travel destination; organisation and assumption of costs for repatriation in the event of death. The limit of liability is restricted for certain benefits. Cover extends to reimbursement of up to three days’ course fees if the insured person becomes ill – but not to the extent that an early return or repatriation is necessary – and cannot attend the course. Cover extends to reimbursement to the insured person of up to three days’ course fees for those days when the tutor or the insured person cannot attend the course due the occurrence of an insured event.

  • Compensation when sitting the exam again

If the insured person fails to pass the final exam or the test to obtain the desired certificate, then he/she will receive a voucher for the amount of the applicable examination fee up to a maximum of CHF 1,000 in order to re-take an equivalent examination within one year.

When does the insurance begin and end?

Insurance cover for cancellation costs begins on the date of booking and ends on the day the trip begins. The cover for all other benefits runs from the beginning to the end of the trip.

 Cover duration and geographical scope

Insurance cover applies worldwide during the period of insurance.

What are the main exclusions?

The following list contains only the main policy exclusions. Additional exclusions arise from the exclusion clauses (“Uninsured events and services”) in the Policy Terms and Conditions and from the IPA.

  • Fundamentally, there is no insurance cover for events that had already occurred on taking out the policy or booking the trip or on commencement of the services purchased. The same applies to events that had recognisably occurred on taking out the policy or booking the trip or on commencement of the services purchased.
  • In addition, there is no insurance cover for events such as abuse of alcohol, drugs or medications; suicide or attempted suicide; participation in strikes or unrest; participation in races and training sessions with motor vehicles or boats; participation in risky activities in which the person knowingly exposes himself/herself to danger; or grossly negligent or intentional actions/failure to act.
  • With regard to cancellation costs, there is, in particular, no insurance cover in the event of “poor recovery”, i.e. inter alia, for illnesses or the consequences of an accident, a surgical operation or medical treatment which had already occurred at the time of the booking or taking out the insurance policy and from which the insured person had not completely recovered at the start of the trip. This exclusion also applies to orders issued by public authorities.
  • With regard to assistance services, no benefits are payable, in particular if the Helvetic Assistance emergency call centre has not given its prior consent to those benefits. The same applies, for example, if the travel company concerned does not provide the contractual services or provides them only partially.

What are the insured person’s duties?

The following list contains only the most usual duties. Further duties arise from the Policy Terms and Conditions and the IPA.

  • With regard to cancellation costs, the trip purchased should be cancelled with the intermediary immediately on occurrence of the insured event and the claim then reported to Helvetic Assistance online and the necessary documents provided (please refer to B 4.5 in the Policy Terms and Conditions). The contact address can be found in A 9 of the Policy Terms and Conditions.
  • With regard to assistance services, the Helvetic Assistance emergency call centre should be informed immediately on the occurrence of the insured event and its prior consent obtained for any assistance services or the assumption of their costs. The Helvetic Assistance emergency call centre is available around the clock (conversations with the emergency call centre are recorded): Telephone +41 44 563 62 63.
  • In all cases, the insured person is required to do all he/she can to limit the extent of the loss or damage and to clarify the causes. In the event of a claim resulting from injury or illness, the insured person must ensure that the attending doctors are released from their duty of confidentiality vis-a-vis Helvetic Assistance.
  • If the person entitled to make claims is in breach of his/her duties, Helvetic Assistance can refuse or reduce benefits.

What is the premium amount?

The amount of the premium depends on the risks insured and the cover granted. The amount of the premium is set at the time of the booking and is shown on the booking confirmation.

How does Helvetic Assistance handle data?

The processing of personal data is indispensable to the business of insurance. When processing personal data, Helvetic Assistance complies with the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA). Helvetic Assistance uses the claim form to obtain any consent from the insured person that is necessary for data processing.

The personal data processed by Helvetic Assistance includes data relating to policy issue, policy handling and claims settlement. The data processed is primarily information on the insured person taken from the insurance proposal and any claim notification. In the interests of all insured persons, data can be exchanged with previous insurers, reinsurers and insurers in Switzerland and abroad, under certain circumstances. In addition, Helvetic Assistance also processes personal data in connection with product optimisation and for its own marketing purposes.

Helvetic Assistance stores data electronically or physically in compliance with statutory provisions.

Pursuant to the DPA, people whose personal data is processed by Helvetic Assistance have the right to request information as to whether Helvetic Assistance processes their data and what data of theirs it processes; they are further entitled to request the rectification of incorrect data.

Contact address for complaints

Helvetic Assistance GmbH
Industriestrasse 12
8305 Dietlikon