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About the teacher

Short Bio:

It has been 9 years since I started teaching English and I absolutely love my job and my students. I used to study History and Literature in university but I discovered teaching after graduating and never regretted embarking on this career. My key objective during my classes is to keep my students interested and motivated, even when the grammar and the vocabulary elements get a bit complex. I also love having an international mix of students because this way I also get to learn a little more about different lifestyles and cultures myself.

Hidden spot in London:

One of my favourite hidden gems in London is the Electric Cinema in Brixton, south of the river Thames. It always has an amazing selection of movies, a lot of community events and a lovely rooftop terrace where you can have a chat with their friendly bar team, try their cocktails and just sit back and enjoy the view over one of the central Brixton squares.

Other facts:

  • Other languages: French (basic)
  • Area of expertise: History and English Literature
  • Teaching methods: Brainstorming, group work, role playing

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Thomas's reviews

Thomas is an amazing teacher! I can feel that my english improved a lot after the 3 weeks of classes with him. And the classes were always so much fun.


Martina S.

I had a great experience with Klazz in London. And Thomas was super nice and always helpful as a teacher. I would definitely recommend him.


Irene P.

Thomas is a good teacher and helped me improve my English a lot in London. I told him I mostly wanted to focus on my grammar, and that is what we did. He also gave me tips on what grammar books to buy when I am back, so I can continue studying on my own here in Italy.


Pietro C.

I had an amazing time in London with Klazz, and Thomas is definitely a teacher I would highly recommend for everyone who wants to improve their English fast (and not get bored!).


Margaux D.

I had a very low level of English at the beginning of my classes but after eight weeks with Thomas I could see a huge improvement already. I feel much more confident in it now, I have a strong grammar base and my vocabulary improved a lot.


Robin B.

Classes with Thomas in London were always interesting and fun, and I enjoyed the afternoon activities a lot as well. I would absolutely love to come back sometime soon!


Alba R.

I enjoyed my time in London and my classes with Thomas a lot! There was a very nice atmosphere during the classes every day because Thomas managed to make the learning process fun and exciting, and include everyone. I would definitely recommend it to everyone looking to improve their English!


Michele B.

Thomas is fantastic as a teacher! We were only four people in the class the first two weeks and he made sure that each of us can improve on what we need help with the most, so it was perfect.


Anais L.

I did an intensive course of six weeks with Thomas, and it was really the best decision I've made. He helped me improve my grammar and vocabulary a lot during our time together, so I felt much more confident with it when I moved to England to do my masters here.


Manuel A.

Thomas is an awesome teacher. I never liked English that much in high school but I had so much fun during his classes in London. At the end of the three weeks with him I could express myself much more freely and even watch series in English too!


Felix M.

I never got bored during Thomas's lessons! The topics we discussed have always been interesting.


Maite B.

I had to improve my English in order to apply for a job and I was afraid of failing. Thomas did his best to understand my needs and use all the time we had to focus on my gaps. I have a new job now and I am very grateful for his hard work! Thanks Thomas!


Yvonne A.

I study Biology and some courses in my Faculty are only held in English. Thomas personalized my homeworks to let me train on specific vocabulary!


Jean R.

I always wanted to visit London and as soon as I saw that booking with Klazz was super easy I decided to combine business with pleasure! Thomas is so passionate about Theatre that I am also interested in it now!


Lorenzo F.

Thanks to Thomas I could finally improve my pronunciation.


Eduardo V.