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About the teacher

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I have always had a gift for teaching. I used to tutor while studying for my degree thereafter I decided to specialise in education. I have a particular passion for literature and I love to share this passion with my students. I find it hugely rewarding to not only see my students improve but also feel more confident in their abilities. My favourite part of the course is watching the students during their afternoon activities when confidently address the whole class in English.

Hidden spot in London:

Well, I fell in love with Primrose Hill, it’s such a great spot to take in the famous London skyline: go and have a picnic! Another place I love is The Footman, in Berkeley Square; It’s my favourite London pub, authentic yet hidden in plain sight. Then, I love going to Homeslice with my friends; they’re famous for their 24′ pizzas which makes them perfect for sharing!

Other facts:

  • Other languages: Spanish, Italian (basic)
  • Area of expertise: English and Spanish Literature
  • Teaching methods: Group work, watching videos, reading literature, role playing

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Olivia 's reviews

I learnt a huge amount from Olivia and really enjoyed my time with her.


Pascal L.

I am very satisfied with the progress I made and I really enjoyed my time in London!


Annette K.

Olivia was a very good teacher. Her exercises allowed me to see what my weaknesses were and then address them. My grammar, vocabulary and confidence have all improved thanks to her!


Karen P.

Olivia is a fantastic teacher who is very engaging while also making sure everyone is constantly improving.


Jean-Luc P.