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About the teacher

Short Bio:

I have always loved the English language, and I wanted to become an English teacher so that I could share this passion with others.
My teaching style is definitely learner-oriented; this means that I encourage my students to speak more than I do, even the most shy ones! I always try to make my lessons as interesting and interactive as possible by using a range of activities to make sure there is never a dull moment.

Hidden spot in London:

As it has to be secret, it would probably be a secret garden in one of the traditional English pubs where I work. But I can’t say where it is exactly, as it’s supposed to be secret!

Other facts:

  • Other languages: Polish (fluent), Italian (intermediate), German (intermediate)
  • Areas of expertise: Grammar
  • Teaching methods: Interactivity, live situations, class discussion

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Karolina's reviews

My trip to London was unforgettable! I met so many new friends with whom I discovered so much of this beautiful city. My English has hugely improved seeing that in the class English is often the only common language.


Kevin N.

Carolina is fun and caring, she helped me a lot.


Lancelot T.

I spent 3 weeks in central London with French and Italians, it was great! Our teacher was available, and she took time to explain us things we didn't understand at first.

Nicolas U.

Thanks to Karolina I can actually see my improvements with my English level.


Adrien Q.

I liked learning with Karolina and joining the afternoon activities.


Cécile F.

Karolina is a very nice teacher and we all had fun during her classes.


Loïse J.

I started the classes with a quite low level and within one month I could already see my improvements, I really appreciated Karolina’s teaching method.


Luca A.

I had problems at school learning English because we were too many of us in my class, while with Klazz Karolina was closer to the individual students. I improved a lot.


Chiara B.

Karolina is the best English teacher I ever had!


Giorgia P.

My classmates and I were overall very satisfied of the teacher Karolina and of our progress. I can now easily hold a regular conversation with anyone. It was nice to have the opportunity to speak English also during the afternoon activities.


Alice N.

I had a good time in the class learning English with Karolina, as she made the lesson fun and interesting.


Sara H.

It was rewarding to see my quick improvements with grammar, thanks Karolina!


Jann J.

Karolina is an amazing teacher, she made us read several interesting texts to learn new words and she made us talk a lot, so that we could improve quickly.


Lea E.

Studying English with Karolina is easy and enjoyable!


Valère M.

Karolina is young but has a great way of teaching, I could definitely learn a lot with her. We visited together museums in the afternoon and could further practice English. I took this course in order to boost my career and I am sure it will actually be very useful.


Annalisa T.

I enjoyed spending time studying English with my classmates and with such an amazing teacher, Karolina. My class was small and very international, I have friends all around Europe now! I really had a great time and my English command improved a lot! Thanks Klazz!


Diogo S.

Travelling to London to study English was the best choice I ever took. I spent 6 weeks attending the intensive course, and I would suggest it to anyone! Our teacher Karolina was very prepared, she took time to focus on each student and was available to answer any question or doubt. I feel more confident speaking English and I will surely take another course with Klazz if I have the chance!


Baltasar T.

Karolina is a very good teacher, I learned a lot with her. Nevertheless, during my third week with Klazz we were 10 in class and you could see she was finding difficult to follow each student individually.


Julio L.

I work, therefore I needed a course allowing me to improve a lot in a short time. I spent two weeks in London with Klazz and I’m definitely satisfied! The teacher was awesome, the topics we covered were exactly what I needed to learn, the activities in the afternoon were interesting and a perfect way to practice what we learned in class... Nothing left to say, it was simply perfect!


Melissa R.

I had an amazing time with Klazz, classes were fun and interesting and Karolina was really prepared.


Mathilde N.

Karolina really knows how to teach English, I loved her method and I could notice my quick improvements.


Rita K.

With Karolina learning English is easy, she’s very attentive to your needs.


Laura D.

I enjoyed the classes with Karolina and I’m very satisfied with my results.


Amanda L.