Language travel to New York

The bustling and international city of New York is the perfect place to learn English. Located on the Eastern coast of the United States, New York is famous for the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, the Empire State Building and much more! In fact, Broadway is the birthplace of the modern-day musical and attracts all the United States’ best performers. The nightlife in New York will keep you awake all night in order to keep learning English without you even realizing it! Come study English in the city that never sleeps to make new friends, improve your English language skills and expand your horizons.

Why a language travel to New York is better with Klazz


Comfortable class sizes

When you visit a language school in New York, the average class size is around 20 students! Klazz on the other side offers small, comfortable class sizes to enhance your learning experience and get the best results for you.


Chose your classmates

Not the language school decides who you study with – you do. Only with Klazz you can see your teacher and future classmates in advance. Select your class, book accommodation from home and enjoy your trip. It’s that easy.


Simple and innovative

Our app “Klazz Campus” will provide you with helpful information and support throughout your stay. While language schools in New York will make you pay for details like tuition material, everything is included with Klazz.


Affordable and safe

We teach in centrally located coworking spaces, while language schools in New York often choose spaces in the outskirts. Study English in the heart of New York for an affordable price and don’t worry about anything thanks to our included travel insurance!

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Why New York?

New York is the most diverse city in North America, making it a perfect place to be inspired to learn English. There are countless activities to do and things to see, including the 9/11 Memorial, the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. On a trip to Central Park, you are sure to encounter pretzels bigger than your face, musicians every few steps and impressive urban nature. Visiting such a busy city means that you will learn a lot! Places like Ellis Island will teach you about the history of immigration in America, but most importantly your English will improve while studying English in New York. You will encounter the opportunity to learn English in every corner you turn in New York!

Studying English in New York will be an unforgettable experience. Specifically, the New York accent is different from the typical Mid-Western accent in the United States, which makes it unique! Furthermore, New York is one of the largest financial capitals in the United States, as Wall Street is located in the center, maximizing your opportunity to network in New York. Finally, there is no shortage of people in New York, making it easy to make lifelong friends.

What are the expenses?

Learning English in New York is usually expensive due to New York’s importance in the United States. Education, housing and the overall cost of living are heightened, making studying English in New York seem like a daunting task.

On the bright side, Klazz facilitates the process and reduces the overall price of an English language trip. By eliminating agency fees, utilizing co-working spaces, and maximizing the efficiency of technology, Klazz is able to minimize fees. Even better, we offer students free course materials, access to the learning portal, travel insurance and more!

While housing and transportation are not included, Klazz provides support in connecting you with host families, student residences, or hotels. The choice to stay with a host family or with international students is entirely yours! Furthermore, the transportation system in New York is incredibly efficient. All you have to do is hop on the subway or in a taxi!

Who will you meet?

New York is the ultimate melting pot, encouraging you to learn English constantly. Your language learning skills will improve over your time in New York with Klazz, and your friendships with your classmates will strengthen. The majority of our students range form 18 to 26 years old. In such a bustling city, you have the opportunity to meet anyone and everyone!

When to start booking a language trip to New York

Klazz is entirely flexible to your lifestyle and future goals. We are here to support your schedule, making it easy for you to set aside time to focus on learning English in New York. Our classes are held year-round, giving you access to learning the English language when it suits you. Booking an English language course in New York with Klazz will further your English language skills for a lifetime!

What others have to say about our language trips to New York

«Classes are very interesting, I am really satisfied and happy with my stay.»

aurelie Aurelie B.

«I believe that I chose Klazz from all of the different choices that were offered because of one simple reason that was super important to me: the simplicity.»

Alexandre Alexandre B. Student

«It was amazing and very useful!»

Annastella 2 Annastella C. Student

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