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There are so many reasons why you should study English in USA. English language is the official language of the country. American culture has spread across the world and we are no stranger to its movies, music and literature. Whether you wish to head to cosmopolitan cities to learn English or prefer smaller cities, there are many choices available. Klazz is now offering English language trips to New York, San Diego and Los Angeles in the USA.

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Why a language travel to USA is better with Klazz


Comfortable class sizes

When you visit a language school in the USA, the average class size is around 20 students! Klazz on the other side offers small, comfortable class sizes to enhance your learning experience and get the best results for you.


Chose your classmates

Not the language school decides who you study with – you do. Only with Klazz you can see your teacher and future classmates in advance. Select your class, book accommodation from home and enjoy your trip. It’s that easy.


Simple and innovative

Our app “Klazz Campus” will provide you with helpful information and support throughout your stay. While language schools in the USA will make you pay for details like tuition material, everything is included with Klazz.


Affordable and safe

We teach in centrally located coworking spaces, while language schools in the USA often choose spaces in the outskirts. Study English in the heart of the USA for an affordable price and don’t worry about anything thanks to our included travel insurance!

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Why learn English in the USA?

The United States has given the world many gifts. From the values of independence and equality to the glamour of Hollywood and the innovation of Facebook and Google, the influence of American culture cannot be denied. If you wish to study English in the USA, New York has to be one of the top places you consider. New York has been called the cultural capital of the world. From arts to fashion, commerce to entertainment, there is a kaleidoscope of exciting events and meaningful activities waiting for you. 

How expensive is a language trip to the USA?

The cost of living in the United States can be high, especially so in a metropolis like New York. You should know that a language trip to study English in the USA will not be cheap. From the cost of accommodation to living expenses, language course fees, learning materials as well as other expenditures, you need to budget carefully or else the costs will add up quickly. 

With Klazz, the cost of learning English in the USA will be more affordable. Our exclusive pricing is fair and transparent, with no hidden costs. You can decide on the frequency and proficiency level of your course. Klazz lets you view all available classes so you can decide on the class you wish to join. Our fees also include course materials, travel insurance, free language level placement test and a 24/7 helpline support. You will have free and full access to our learning portal to help you to effectively master all the essential English language skills. 

You are free to decide where you wish to stay during your language trip. While we recommend staying with a local host family for an authentic and immersive experience, there are other options available as well. If you prefer to meet and interact with other students and language travelers, you can stay in student residences. For more privacy, you can stay in a hotel or book an apartment using Airbnb. 

Why go on a language trip in the USA?

A language trip to USA will not only improve your English, but also your life! It is a learning journey where you get to meet new people, build up confidence in travelling solo and broaden your horizons. Our classes are held in modern co-working spaces, which allows you to network with others and practice your English at the same time. By immersing in local culture and living among native speakers, you will get to work on your English language skills and see improvement quickly. Such an experience is something you will not get if you learn the language in your home country.

Most of the students who learn English in the USA with Klazz are aged between 18 and 26. With the objective of exploring a new city and making new friends while studying English, we provide a fun and interactive platform to learn. Once you improve your English proficiency, you will be empowered to further your studies or kick-start your dream career with international companies.

When to start booking a language trip to the USA?

Klazz is the best choice to study English in the USA. Given our flexible and comprehensive schedules, we have classes throughout the year. You can start your language trip anytime, at your convenience. There is no exact right moment to begin your language trip. It depends entirely on you. By learning English in the USA with Klazz, you will be guaranteed an authentic experience that helps you master English while giving you the opportunity of a lifetime to live like a local in a new city or town. 

What others have to say about our language trips to USA

«Classes are very interesting, I am really satisfied and happy with my stay.»

aurelie Aurelie B.

«I believe that I chose Klazz from all of the different choices that were offered because of one simple reason that was super important to me: the simplicity.»

Alexandre Alexandre B. Student

«It was amazing and very useful!»

Annastella 2 Annastella C. Student

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