Language travel to Malta

If you wish to go on a language trip that offers sun, sand, sea and stunning scenery, you should study English in Malta. This mesmerizing Mediterranean island is located just south of Italy. Steeped in thousands of years of history while at the same time renowned for its party culture and vibrant nightlife, Malta is a historic country with modern charm. Besides having 300 days of sun each year, another compelling reason to learn English in Malta is that the country used to be a British colony for more than 160 years. English is one of the two official languages being used in Malta and almost everyone is bilingual. You will have plenty of opportunities to improve your English language skills here.

Valletta, being the capital, is one of the most exciting places to learn English in Malta. The University of Malta is located in Valletta and it welcomes a diverse population of international students each year. Don’t be surprised if you quickly make new friends in this warm and hospitable country. Besides learning English in Malta, you can also immerse yourself in a unique local blend of Maltese and English culture. Be it snorkeling in the azure waters of the Blue Lagoon, touring ancient temples in the medieval walled city of Valletta or chilling on the sandy beaches in Gozo in your spare time, a language trip to study English in Malta is guaranteed to be a fun and fruitful adventure.

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