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While studying English in Dublin, you are thrown into a world of adventures. Whether visiting one of Dublin’s magical beaches, participating in the vibrant pub culture, or exploring traditional castles, Dublin encourages English language learning. Afternoons and evenings can be spent passing through Pheonix Park, the Guinness factory, or the Old Library of Trinity College. Learning English in Dublin connects you to a rich history of storytelling, inspiring the growth of your English skills. Additionally, as one of Europe’s fastest growing economy, Dublin provides a possibility to further improve your Business English.

Why a language travel to Dublin is better with Klazz


Comfortable class sizes

When you visit a language school in Dublin, the average class size is around 20 students! Klazz on the other side offers small, comfortable class sizes to enhance your learning experience and get the best results for you.


Chose your classmates

Not the language school decides who you study with – you do. Only with Klazz you can see your teacher and future classmates in advance. Select your class, book accommodation from home and enjoy your trip. It’s that easy.


Simple and innovative

Our app “Klazz Campus” will provide you with helpful information and support throughout your stay. While language schools in Dublin will make you pay for details like tuition material, everything is included with Klazz.


Affordable and safe

We teach in centrally located coworking spaces, while language schools in Dublin often choose spaces in the outskirts. Study English in the heart of Dublin for an affordable price and don’t worry about anything thanks to our included travel insurance!

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Why Dublin?

Dublin’s culture of storytelling and beautiful nature inspire English learning, making the decision to study English in Dublin easy. Upon arrival in Dublin, you will experience a dynamic city full of mysticism and tranquility, yet no shortage of fun! Widely known for the creation of famous beers, such as Guinness, and friendly local people, Dublin is a great option for studying English abroad. Home to a multitude of universities, there will be no lack of opportunities to make friends from all around the world.

Dublin’s environment is undoubtedly inspiring, but the charm of the Irish accent is what will make you want to stay. Diversifying yourself from students with British or American accents can make you an interesting candidate for future jobs and a go-getter! This exposure to the Irish accent may seem challenging at first, but you will quickly find yourself falling in love with Dublin!

What are the expenses?

Language learning trips in Dublin are usually expensive. Leisure activities, housing and language learning costs all contribute to an expensive trip to Dublin.

However, studying English with Klazz in Dublin is completely affordable. Klazz is able to reduce traditional language trip fees by eliminating agency fees, utilizing co-working spaces, and maximizing the efficiency of technology. Furthermore, weekly group activities, course materials, and travel insurance are just a few of the benefits of booking your language trip to Dublin. In fact, apart from housing and transportation, Klazz covers the entire stay.

Fortunately, Klazz offers 24/7 support in connecting you with home stays, student residences, or hotels. You have the option to chose whether you would like to stay in a local Irish home or among international students. Additionally, although buses are an option for transportation, Dublin in a walkable city. The costs for transportation in Dublin are little to none!

Who will you meet?

An international community awaits you in Dublin for your language trip to learn English. This exposure to many international students and locals will catalyze the language learning process, facilitating the study of English in Dublin. Fellow classmates ranging from 18 to 26 years old will encourage you to learn English and practice with you at the same time. You can expect to leave Dublin with an improved English skill set and a new set of friends—or maybe you’ll never want to leave!

When to start booking a language trip to Dublin?

It is entirely up to you as to when you would like to book your English language trip to Dublin. Klazz is here to support your life goals and that means our services are available year-round. We understand that everyone’s life runs on a different schedule, and we want to encourage you to study English in Dublin when it is possible for you. Join us when you are ready!

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«It was amazing and very useful!»

Annastella 2 Annastella C. Student

«I believe that I chose Klazz from all of the different choices that were offered because of one simple reason that was super important to me: the simplicity.»

Alexandre Alexandre B. Student

«Classes are very interesting, I am really satisfied and happy with my stay.»

aurelie Aurelie B.

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