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There is no better place than to study English in Ireland. Apart from being the birthplace of literary giants such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and W. B. Yeats, Ireland is a friendly destination with so much to see and do. Ireland might be a small country, but its history goes back to thousands of years. The Irish are proud of their heritage and their easy-going, welcoming nature will quickly make any foreigners feel at home. The best way to learn English in Ireland is to immerse yourself in the culture. As you interact with locals, meet other international students and expats, you will get to practice your English language skills on a regular basis.

One of the best cities to study English in Ireland is Dublin. There are many good universities in Dublin and it is home to a large international student population. A language trip to Dublin will allow you to explore this lively city and beyond. Whilst you study English in Ireland, you can also take time to travel to the Cliffs of Moher, visit lush national parks and tour medieval castles such as Blarney Castle. There are other advantages to learning English in Ireland. Ireland is in the EU, so there is no visa requirement for students coming from other EU and EEA countries. It is also the European headquarters to many MNCs such as Facebook and Google, so you will have the opportunity to network with these companies to kickstart or further your career.

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Why a language travel to Ireland is better with Klazz


Comfortable class sizes

When you visit a language school in Ireland, the average class size is around 20 students! Klazz on the other side offers small, comfortable class sizes to enhance your learning experience and get the best results for you.


Chose your classmates

Not the language school decides who you study with – you do. Only with Klazz you can see your teacher and future classmates in advance. Select your class, book accommodation from home and enjoy your trip. It’s that easy.


Simple and innovative

Our app “Klazz Campus” will provide you with helpful information and support throughout your stay. While language schools in Ireland will make you pay for details like tuition material, everything is included with Klazz.


Affordable and safe

We teach in centrally located coworking spaces, while language schools in Ireland often choose spaces in the outskirts. Study English in the heart of Ireland for an affordable price and don’t worry about anything thanks to our included travel insurance!

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Why study English in Ireland?

Ireland has inspired mythical stories and the making of famous beers. It has produced renowned poets and writers who gifted the world with timeless literary works. Amidst dramatic natural landscapes and breathtaking scenery, the Irish people have cultivated a friendly reputation for themselves. To study English in Ireland would be a remarkable experience. In the vibrant university county of Dublin, there is a diverse population of international students. This provides you with a platform for cultural exchange. The Irish accent might be daunting for some, but there are actually different types of accents spoken in the country. During your language travel to Ireland, you will be exposed to these accents, which is conducive for you to quickly learn and improve your English language skills. As a commercial hub where international companies set up their headquarters, you will have the chance to network with expats from all over the world and this could lead to life-changing career opportunities. As you can see, there are many advantages to learning English in Ireland.

How expensive is a language trip to Ireland?

A language trip can be expensive. The cost of living in Ireland is quite high so you have to set aside an adequate budget if you wish to study English in Ireland. From accommodation to daily living costs, tuition fees for your English course and other expenditures, you have to carefully cater to each expense.

With Klazz, your language travel to Ireland will be more affordable. Klazz allows you to decide on the frequency of your course. You can view all available classes and select the one you wish to join. Our pricing is fair and transparent. There is absolutely no hidden cost. Our fees also include course materials, travel insurance, free language level placement test and 24/7 support via live chat or phone. You will have full access to our learning portal to aid in your English language learning.

Based on your preferences and budget, you can decide where you wish to stay during your language trip. If you like a full immersion experience, you can stay with a local host family as you study English in Ireland. This gives you a safe environment and allows you to have an authentic cultural experience. If you prefer to meet and interact with other language travelers, you have the option to stay in student residences. For more comfort and privacy, you can also choose to stay in hotels or book an apartment via Airbnb. 

Why go on a language trip to Ireland?

A language trip to learn English in Ireland will definitely expand your horizons and widen your social network. It will be a learning journey where you experience “real life” while exploring a new culture. You get to know a country more intimately and cultivate meaningful friendships. Living amongst native speakers as you study English in Ireland will help you to master the English language quickly. As our classes take place in modern, central co-working spaces in the heart of the city, you will get to make contact with fellow students and working professionals while regularly sharpening your English language skills. This immersive learning experience is something you will not get if you study the English language in your home country.

Most of the students at Klazz are aged between 18 and 26. We provide an interactive and fun way to master the English language quickly and effectively. Not only do you get to explore a new city and make new friends during the language trip to Ireland, but you can also have a cultural exchange while learning valuable English language skills within the local context.

When to start booking a language trip to Ireland?

Booking with Klazz is easy and convenient. There are classes held throughout the year so you can decide when you wish to study English in Ireland. Any moment can be the right moment to begin a course. It all depends on your personal plans. An English language course with Klazz will give you a genuine and effective way to improve your English skills while opening new doors as you move forth to further your studies or kickstart a great career.

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