English Language Travel

Reasons to Study English

English is the official language of 53 countries! By learning English, you can communicate with about 360 million people! With that ability, you could change the world–or perhaps just order a coffee in a different language.
Have you ever wanted to watch a Hollywood movie without subtitles or understand social media accounts from celebrities without using Google Translate? If you learn English, you will be able to understand without relying on technology.
According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), there are six levels of fluency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Each of these levels takes approximately 200 hours of study, meaning that every 6 weeks you complete a new level.

Reasons to Embark on a Language Travel

Explore different cultures

The ability to understand different cultures will help you understand human behavior, expand your network and inspire you! We encourage staying with host families in order to understand the behavior of the people of the country you're in, make new friends and improve your English as efficiently as possible!

Grow as a person

Learning a different language makes you happier long-term by positioning you to achieve your goals, expanding your interpersonal communication and by stimulating the nervous system in the brain which is responsible for pleasure. Don't take it from us--ask the scientists!​

Seize your adventure

Learn English by exploring the city, taking cooking classes or visiting local spots. Because you will be having fun, you won't even realize your English has improved! We provide you with a network and weekly activities so that you are sure to enjoy your language trip to the maximum.

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Why Klazz?

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Our Values

We work hard to ensure your English language travel experience is once in a lifetime. With customer service and insurance support 24/7 we promise a smooth trip to any one of our destinations! We also offer a large variety of destinations for you to choose from, including ideal placers for beach-explorers, European-architecture-fanatics or mountain-lovers! Our program is special because it provides you with the option to chose from student residences or host families, connecting you with a broader network of new friends and mentors. More importantly, our travel insurance ensures your safety no matter which housing option you choose! 

Your Experience

As for the English-learning portion of our program, we are unique because we provide you with a multitude of English language levels and professors with different background. All professors are ESL certified with many years of experience, verified by Klazz, and are native English speakers so that you can get the most out of your experience. Your language program will also be tailor-made to your class! And don’t worry—we won’t overpack your class! We offer small, comfortable class sizes to ensure your learning experience is enjoyable. Additionally, you can also see who your classmates are before booking. Choose when you want to book your language travel and for how long based on your lifestyle! Booking your housing, choosing your teacher and seeing your classmates is all made possible by our innovative Klazz campus app. This app facilitates your language travel planning, making it easy for you to step on a flight to Dublin, San Diego or Malta. Best of all, Klazz reduces fees by minimizing costs that are usually spent on expensive school leases, hiring expensive professors and charging agency fees. With us, you will learn English efficiently and inexpensively. Klazz utilizes coworking spaces and hires freelance teacher in order for your costs to be lower. Sounds pretty ideal, doesn’t it? Get started with us when your schedule allows for it!