Master the English skills you need to boost your career and give you an edge in the workplace

English is the world’s business language

Ready to take your career to a higher level? Become proficient in all aspects of Business English and open new doors to leading employers and organizations worldwide.

Express your opinions, confidently present your ideas, and negotiate professionally in an international work environment.

Listening ​

Listen to your business partners, understand key points, fluently communicate face to face and on the phone.


Improve your accuracy and proficiency in writing presentations, reports, and e-mails.


Understand key business content, read and comprehend business articles, graphs, analytical texts.

Book a business language course with Klazz, earn 30%-50% higher salaries, progress faster in your career, get more senior job roles!

Business English that matters

Learning English with us is enjoyable, effective, and rewarding. Your progress will be fast and consistent under the guidance of our expert certified teachers. Our high-impact Business English courses encourage active participation while allowing you to learn through hands-on experiences. You will be equipped with essential skills that enhance job prospects, leading you to career success.

Present & Discuss

Convince your audience with confidence. Learn how to effectively present ideas, reports, and key facts. Engage in discussions that make a difference.

Perfect Your English CV

Prepare for your job search. Learn how to write an impressive CV and résumé in English that will get you an interview and make a lasting first impression.

Write E-Mails

Draft accurate and effective e-mails. Communicate smoothly with your managers, co-workers, and clients in English.

Read Business Content

Stay up to date with news on the world’s leading businesses and follow economic trends in English. Understand reports and proposals to actively contribute at work.

«English is the real global language and is important in education, relations and business. I am the Chairman of one of the largest Italian Bank Foundations and we are dealing with more than 100 countries. Our work language is English.»
Prof. Francesco Profumo
President Business School ESCP Torino & Chairman Fondazione Bruno Kessler di Trento​

Language travel reinvented

Learn English in cosmopolitan business hubs

With Klazz, you learn English where it is natively spoken. We offer dedicated Business English courses in the world’s leading business capitals such as London, New York City, and Los Angeles to name a few.

An immersive and social experience

Our courses take place in modern and central co-working spaces. Sharpen your English skills in a business environment made up of locals, English natives, and expats. Start networking here!

Your language travel companion: Klazz Campus​

Our Klazz Campus app is designed to support you on your language learning and travel.

Easy and convenient to use, you can book exciting activities and interesting business events, view class schedules, access our digital workbook library and contact your teacher.

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Over 95% of companies based in countries where English is not an official language deem English language skills as very important!

What you will learn


Your competence in written business English is vital to your workplace productivity and success. We will focus on:

  • Writing skills for different media, e.g. e-mails, reports, presentations, memos and CV / résumé. 
  • Grammar revision on the correct use of tenses and conjugation
  • Specialised vocabulary and terminology for various business contexts, including job roles, sending an e-mail, workplace equipment and drafting a CV / résumé
  • Business analysis frameworks such as SWOT analysis, setting SMART targets​
  • How to write persuasively to get your idea across to different types of audiences


Effective reading and accurate comprehension in English are key skills for corporate as well as for personal use. We will focus on:

  • Recognising and understanding phrasal verbs and idioms used in business English
  • Reading and understanding business articles and technical content
  • Assessing business news via different sources, e.g. Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, online portals and local newspapers
  • Reading techniques that include skimming, scanning as well as detailed reading


Listening is crucial to receiving and interpreting messages. Mastering good listening skills can lead to tremendous personal success at work. We will focus on:

  • Listening and comprehension of key content in conversations, podcasts, business news on the radio, etc.
  • Learning how to listen and converse in formal and informal situations, e.g. at job interviews, project meetings, complaints, networking sessions and social gatherings
  • Develop listening acuity and knowledge of vocabulary used in different contexts
  • Promoting active engagement through role-playing for various scenarios


Your spoken responses and ability to converse in English is essential for communicating with others in English-speaking situation. Gain confidence in speaking through our small-class setting at Klazz. We will focus on:

  • Expressing opinions, ideas and thoughts, e.g. speaking about work-related issues, such as conflict in the workplace
  • Understanding formal and informal languages in different contexts
  • Learning the vocabulary required for various corporate situations
  • Presentation skills for job interview, business pitch, client acquisition, team meetings, etc.
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Role-playing in scenarios, e.g. a press conference about a certain business issue with journalists and reporters
  • Encouraging each student to speak as much as possible

85% of international organisations use English as one of their working languages!


Every lesson lasts 45 minutes and during break times you can have some coffee or tea, which is always available for free in our co-working spaces. You can choose the intensity of your course:

Morning only: 20 lessons per week

4 lessons per day, 5 days a week.

Morning + afternoon: 30 lessons per week

6 lessons per day, 5 days a week – for a full immersion and a faster improvement.

Over 80% of academic journals are written entirely in English!