Klazz Reviews

 Antonio, Italy

I recommend you to come here in London with Klazz to improve your English language skills and for your PERSONAL GROWTH!

 Riccardo, Italy

It’s been a really great experience and I highly recommend it.

 Radia, France

Alison is great and she represents Klazz very well.

 Theo, France

Alison is a great teacher.

 Jasmitha, Switzerland

The lessons were really fantastic, Alison prepared a range of activities so that it wasn’t boring.

 Emily, Belgium

Classes with Klazz were really good: the teacher was patient with the students, and she had good teaching methods. We went to many museums with the teacher and it was really interesting to talk about the museum afterwards in the class. Now I feel more comfortable in English, so the experience was definitely worth it!

 Gilberto, Italy

I really admire the teacher Alison, she is very good at her work.

 Lilas, France

The teacher is very kind.

 Natalie, Switzerland

I had a good experience in London with Klazz. The teacher was very friendly and she helped me a lot. She gave me a lot useful exercises and now I can continue to study in Switzerland. I enjoyed this trip!

 Michel, France

I had a great time with Alison!

 Jacqueline, France

Alison is a very good teacher. She made me feel comfortable in the classroom and increased my confidence.

 Nicole, France

Alison’s lessons were fun and I feel like my English has improved a lot!

 Sebastien, France

I enjoyed my experience with Klazz. The teacher in particular was fantastic! Thank you Klazz!

 Eric, France

The classes with Klazz were ok but there could have been a bigger range of exercises to help everyone in the class improve more.

 Marta, Colombia

Klazz is a really great school, my teacher Alison helped me so much in the classroom.

 Louis, France

There were not so many people in my class so the atmosphere was really nice and the teacher Alison was able to help everyone. I feel I was lucky with the people that were in my class because we all were friends at the end of the week.

 Pascal, France

I really enjoyed my time with Alison and the other classmates. I feel more confident now holding a short conversation with anyone.

 Sara, Italy

The teacher was very good. With her exercises I could see how they helped me to learn, especially for the grammar because in the past I have found this difficult but now I am stronger in this aspect.

 Petro, Italy

My English level improved after 3 weeks with Alison as my teacher. I was not so good at the start but now I feel like I can speak with more confidence.

 Yannick, Germany

Alison is very understanding as a teacher. She can see where your weak points are and she helps you to improve specifically in this area.

 Silvia, Italy

In the afternoon the class went with Alison around London and we saw a lot of the city with her. One day visited Big Ben and could see the London eye which was beautiful as the weather was sunny that day so we were very lucky. For me the week was a lot of fun.

 Marco, Italy

I loved classes with Klazz!

 Martina, France

My time in London was the best experience of my life. It was my first time in London and honestly I can say that I fell in love with the city. There is so much to see there, it is impossible to be bored. The coworking space is very close to Hyde Park and after class we went there with Alison and the whole class, the weather was so sunny and honestly I can say it was an amazing time. I would recommend to everyone to go to London in their life! Thank you Klazz!!

 João, Portugal

I wanted to improve my English to give me more career options and I found that these classes helped me a lot, now my English is much better. The teacher, Alison, is very good as she understands the needs of each student and because the class is small she is able to focus on everyone. Overall, Klazz was very good for me and I recommend it highly.

 Francesca, Italy

My teacher in London was Alison and I found that she was an excellent teacher. She has patience with her students so you do not feel embarrassed or upset if you make a mistake, and she encourages you to be confident when you are speaking English. My English has improved now thanks to Alison and Klazz.

 Matteo, Italy

English lessons with Alison are interesting and never boring, she’s very good at teaching and pushes you to give your best, so that I could really see my improvements.

 Sophia, Switzerland

The time with Klazz was amazing, I loved the teacher Alison!

 Davide, Italy

There were more people in my class than I hoped (we were 9), but the teacher Alison was still able to help all of us and everyone could feel like they were important.

 Dario, Italy

I had a great time in London, studying English in a very international class with Alison as a teacher.

 Elias, Switzerland

The teacher Alison was very kind but I think sometimes it was difficult for her to control the class because there were 9 of us and some people were talking at the same time. However, overall it was very good and this was only on the first day that we had a small problem.

 Hanna, Germany

London is a beautiful city! I think it is my favourite place in the world now because I had a fantastic time there with my teacher Alison and my class.

 Luka, Germany

My stay in London was amazing! I loved the Christmas atmosphere, we went visiting Christmas markets with our teacher Alison and it was so cool! Classes in the morning were intense but worth it, as I feel way better now when I speak English.

 Charlotte, Germany

Alison is a good teacher and she helped my English to improve when I was in London because she explained the topics very clearly so I felt that I really understood it.

 Hans, Germany

Learning, for me, has never been so easy! I loved the course. Some of my classmates had a better preparation than others, but our teacher Alison was able to give lessons fitting to all of us.

 Lena, Germany

The exercises we did with with Alison were perfect for our level. With my four classmates, we worked mostly on writing and speaking, and now I am more relaxed when I speak English.

 Amélie, Switzerland

I loved spending 2 weeks with Klazz. With my classmates we had classes with Alison (a great teacher!) in the morning, and visited London together in the afternoon, stopped by pubs, having dinner together… In the end, my classmates became my friends!

 Laura, Switzerland

I really liked the teacher Alison and the classmates, we had a good time together and are still in touch.

 Elisabeth, Switzerland

Studying with Alison was the best, it was easy to understand her explanations and she was totally available to answer all our questions.

 Davide, Switzerland

Alison is an amazing teacher, without any doubt. She was all the time nice and caring, and she’s very good at teaching English.

 Justine, Switzerland

The Klazz teacher Alison is the perfect teacher, she is kind with her students and she makes you feel important. All of us in the class loved Alison because she made the learning fun, which it has never been for me before I came with Klazz.

 Clara, Spain

I was in London for 3 weeks to learn English but I wish that I could stay longer there. Everyone in the class was very nice and we were all friends together so the lessons were very fun, and the teacher Alison was also great.

 Fiorela, Spain

I will say that I had a good time overall with Klazz because my teacher Alison was excellent but I think that there were too many people in the class for me. In the first week we were 10 people and the next week it was 9, I would prefer a smaller class.

 Nina, Spain

Classes with Klazz were fun and we learned a lot from our teacher Alison, she is very good with explaining things clearly. In the afternoons we did activities, for example one day we went to the museum and Alison informed us of many interesting facts about the museum. The activities in the afternoon were my favourite because you see interesting sites but you also are still speaking English so you feel that you are improving. I had a great time and London is the best city!

 Camilla, Argentina

My classes with Klazz were always interesting because there was a good range of exercises and then in the afternoon we all went to visit nice places in London.

 Ana, Portugal

There were too many people in my class and I think Alison found it difficult to have different levels. It is not her fault because when there are A2 and B1 students in the same class then it is not great for anyone.

 Béatrice, France
A very good experience with Klazz! I’ve enjoyed my experience with Klazz. I stayed for two weeks in September in London. We were three people the first and only two the second week. So, with our native English-speaking teacher, Alison, it was easier to improve our skills in English

 Adrien, France

Thanks to Karolina I can actually see my improvements with my English level.

 Lancelot, France

Karolina is fun and caring, she helped me a lot.

 Cécile, France

I liked learning with Karolina and joining the afternoon activities.

 Loïse J., France

Karolina is a very nice teacher and we all had fun during her classes.

 Nicolas, Italy

I spent 3 weeks in central London with French and Italians, it was great! Our teacher was available, and she took time to explain us things we didn’t understand at first.

 Luca, Italy

I started the classes with a quite low level and within one month I could already see my improvements, I really appreciated Karolina’s teaching method.

 Chiara, Italy

I had problems at school learning English because we were too many of us in my class, while with Klazz Karolina was closer to the individual students. I improved a lot.

 Giorga, Italy

Karolina is the best English teacher I ever had!

 Alice, Italy

My classmates and I were overall very satisfied of the teacher Karolina and of our progress. I can now easily hold a regular conversation with anyone. It was nice to have the opportunity to speak English also during the afternoon activities.

 Sara, Germany

I had a good time in the class learning English with Karolina, as she made the lesson fun and interesting.

 Jann, Germany

It was rewarding to see my quick improvements with grammar, thanks Karolina!

 Lea, Germany

Karolina is an amazing teacher, she made us read several interesting texts to learn new words and she made us talk a lot, so that we could improve quickly.

 Valère, Switzerland

Studying English with Karolina is easy and enjoyable!

 Annalisa, Switzerland

Karolina is young but has a great way of teaching, I could definitely learn a lot with her. We visited together museums in the afternoon and could further practice English. I took this course in order to boost my career and I am sure it will actually be very useful.

 Tiago, Brasil

Karolina is very young and I don’t think she has a long experience. Despite this, she was great and we were all satisfied at the end of the course.

 Diogo, Portugal

I enjoyed spending time studying English with my classmates and with such an amazing teacher, Karolina. My class was small and very international, I have friends all around Europe now! I really had a great time and my English command improved a lot! Thanks Klazz!

 Baltasar, Portugal

Travelling to London to study English was the best choice I ever took. I spent 6 weeks attending the intensive course, and I would suggest it to anyone! Our teacher Karolina was very prepared, she took time to focus on each student and was available to answer any question or doubt. I feel more confident speaking English and I will surely take another course with Klazz if I have the chance!

 Julio, Mexico

Karolina is a very good teacher, I learned a lot with her. Nevertheless, during my third week with Klazz we were 10 in class and you could see she was finding difficult to follow each student individually.

 Melissa, Germany

I work, therefore I needed a course allowing me to improve a lot in a short time. I spent two weeks in London with Klazz and I’m definitely satisfied! The teacher was awesome, the topics we covered were exactly what I needed to learn, the activities in the afternoon were interesting and a perfect way to practice what we learned in class… Nothing left to say, it was simply perfect!

 Matilde, France

I had an amazing time with Klazz, classes were fun and interesting and Karolina was really prepared.

 Rita, Austria

Karolina really knows how to teach English, I loved her method and I could notice my quick improvements.

 Laura, Spain

With Karolina learning English is easy, she’s very attentive to your needs.

 Amanda, Spain

I enjoyed the classes with Karolina and I’m very satisfied with my results.

 Jean-Luc, France

Olivia is a fantastic teacher who is very engaging while also making sure everyone is constantly improving.

 Pascal, France

I learnt a huge amount from Olivia and really enjoyed my time with her.

 Annette, Switzerland

I am very satisfied with the progress I made and I really enjoyed my time in London!

 Kevin, Switzerland

My trip to London was unforgettable! I met so many new friends with whom I discovered so much of this beautiful city. My English has hugely improved seeing that in the class English is often the only common language.

 Karen, Italy

Olivia was a very good teacher. Her exercises allowed me to see what my weaknesses were and then address them. My grammar, vocabulary and confidence have all improved thanks to her!

 Étienne A. , France

I was in London for 3 weeks to learn English but I wish that I could have stayed longer. Everyone in the class was very nice and we were all friends together so the lessons were very fun, and the teacher Olivia was also great.

 Lucien, Switzerland

Learning English in London with Klazz was the best choice I have ever made. I spent 6 weeks attending the intensive course which I reccommend to everyone! Olivia was very prepared, she took time to focus on each student and was available to answer any questions. I feel more confident speaking English and I will surely take another course with Klazz if I have the chance!

 Louise, France

Olivia really helped me improve my accent and her tips for London were great!

 Alice, France

Olivia is an amazing teacher. She was nice and caring all the time and she’s very good at teaching English.

 Justine, France

My experience was wonderful. The sights were amazing, my host family were wonderful and Olivia, my teacher, was interesting.

 Gabriel, France

I chose the intensive course which was great. My English improved day-by-day and by the end of my 3 months I was nearly fluent!

 Arthur, France

I was very sad to leave Olivia and my class. We had a fantastic time and she really took care to deal with our individual needs. My grammar and vocabulary have hugely improved. What a relief!