English Courses in London

Designed for optimal progress and flexibility


Small groups of students

For adults:

Only students above 18; average age: 26


Start any Monday, stay 1 – 24 weeks


20 or 30 lessons of 45 min / week

Klazz English classes in London

Choose between different types and intensities of our English classes in London to reach your goals for school, career or for life!

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General English

Our General English course in London is aimed at learners who want to develop their general English, for work-related purposes or general everyday use.

Our teachers will support you in improving your reading, writing, speaking and listening through a range of materials and activities.

Tailor-made to suit the needs of the group, the topics and language experiences will ensure you feel more equipped to enjoy England and English while you are in London and in the future.

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Business English

If you are looking to improve your professional English skills, than our Business English Course is the best option for you. In this course you will improve your language skills with special focus on business related topics. With our help you will become more confident in many situations relevant to a professional setting.

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English for Designers

This course allows you to meet Designers or Design lovers like you in London, one of the most famous design scene in the world. You can attend lessons in the morning and join design events and activities in the afternoon or evening.

The course will be general-based, and will help you reach more self confidence when talking, writing or communicating with other people, in different environments.

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English for Entrepreneurs

If you aim to be an entrepreneur or you already are, why not take an English course in London with other personalities like you? Lessons in the morning and possibility to exchange ideas and opinions during breaks and in the free time, with other entrepreneurs from other countries. A great opportunity for doing some networking and improving your English!

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English for Tech

If you are an Engineering student or you’re working as an engineer or in the Tech environment, this is the course for you. You could improve your English skills and meet other engineers from other countries, attending lessons in the morning and joining Tech events and activities in your free time. English is the basis in Tech area, and London is the best place to improve your skills!

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Every lesson lasts 45 minutes and during break times you can have some coffee or tea, always available for free in our co-working spaces. You can choose the intensity of your course:

Basic: 20 lessons per week

4 lessons per day, 5 days a week.

Intensive: 30 lessons per week

6 lessons per day, 5 days a week - for a full immersion and a faster improvement.


Not only we believe that we offer the best English courses in London. Read some reviews.

  I recommend Klazz to all the people who want to keep in contact with the British culture and discover London in a new way.
Anthony J. testimonial
Anthony J. Student
  I liked the environment in the co-working space, it fits perfectly to everyone: students, teacher and business people. Klazz is well organised from every point of view.
Alberto M. testimonial
Alberto M. Student
I believe that I chose Klazz from all of the different choices that were offered because of one simple reason that was super important to me: the simplicity.
Alexandre B. testimonial
Alexandre B. Student

Why is Klazz a better option than Traditional English language schools in London?

On-demand freelance English teachers

Our teachers are professional independent freelancers. This helps us to provide better quality control, optimize costs and assure the best teacher for each class. Unlike many traditional English language schools in London, we give our teachers a fair compensation and more flexibility. This is reflected in higher quality of their teaching and more satisfied students!

English courses in London's centrally located coworking spaces

Coworking spaces provide modern facilities in great locations and our students get to engage with interesting locals who work in those spaces!
On the other hand, traditional English language schools in London often have old facilities which don't provide a stimulative environment for learning.

Fair pricing and no hidden extra costs

Klazz can offer you the best prices for your language trip because we save on unnecessary expenses - but never on your learning experience. We sell our courses directly without any agencies snapping up margins and teach in hip and inspiring coworking spaces avoiding high rents.

English courses in London for foreigners

How will learning English improve my future?

Knowing English is not only useful to travel or expand your knowledge. In many fields fluent English is required to work and take your career to the next level. An English course is the key to upgrade your skills and open the door to new opportunities!

What is the best time to start my English class in London?

Every moment is the right moment to start! With classes during the whole year, tailored to your career or life goals, Klazz is ideal to learn English Language in the moment you feel it right for yourself. An English course in London is the experience you should live at the best time and price possible!

Why take an English course in London and not at home?

What a better place to learn English than the capital of England? A multicultural, vibrant and stimulating environment means making the most out of an English Course. In London you will meet people from all over the World and practice your English at the fullest, completely immersed in the daily routine and in the British culture.