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London, Business English

Our Business English course will provide you with a strong grammar base, broaden your business communication skills (in both, speaking and writing) to be soon able to negotiate in English the most lucrative contract!  Enable your listening skill to any accent and lessen your reading time. Our carefully selected and highly experienced teachers will structure the course around your individual needs and give you one-on-one attention whenever needed. Based on each student’s level (from the very beginner to the highly advanced), our teachers will focus on the simple or more complex topics, and help you progress in a way that will keep you excited and motivated throughout the course.

The following teachers are hosting this course

Beginner course by Thomas

It has been 9 years since I started teaching English and I absolutely love my job and my students. I used to study History and Literature in university but I discovered teaching after graduating and never regretted embarking on this career.

Intermediate course by Daphne

Life led me to teaching English when I just a girl. As a first-generation Londoner, I was immersed into a world of migrants.

Advanced course by Alison

Ever since I first started teaching, my driving force has always been a desire to enable people to become independent and be their best selves. I enjoy seeing people develop and learn to do things that they had previously dreamt of doing, learning English for example.

Your classmates:


From 9 AM until the end of the activities it’s impossible to get bored thanks to our engaging learning program.



4 lessons: 45 minutes each

Drink some coffee (for free at the coworking space!) and start your learning experience

Drink some coffee (for free at the coworking space!) and start your learning experience



Time to eat!

Plenty of restaurants available nearby!

Plenty of restaurants available nearby!



+2 lessons: 45 minutes each

Back to the classroom for the afternoon session

Back to the classroom for the afternoon session


Extra Activities

Work hard, play harder!

Check all the available activities on your Klazz Campus account

Check all the available activities on your Klazz Campus account


Innovation Warehouse
Innovation Warehouse, 1 East Poultry Avenue, London EC1A 9PT, UK

Innovation Warehouse

Free & Fast Wifi

Amazing location

Spacious modern coworking space

Unlimited tea and coffee

Communal kitchen

Disabled access

High-quality host families in London

HFS London

Our host family agency HFS London is British Council registered.British Council registration means that as a student you can be confident you are dealing with an agency who has been assessed and approved by the sector’s governing body. As a result, we make sure we provide you with quality homestay accommodation offering an authentic “home away from home” experience in London.


Single Room

Shared bathroom



Common areas


Breakfast included

Select mealplan

Bed Sheets


Washing Machine

ZONE 1 - € per week, room with host family (breakfast included)

What’s included

  • Official Klazz language certificate
  • Language placement test
  • Course materials
  • Social events and activities
  • Unlimited tea and coffee in classrooms
  • Klazz Campus account
  • Travel insurance
  • Customer helpline
  • 24/7 Medical advice
  • Free Sim Card

Not included

  • Flights
  • Transport

Top reviews

My trip to London was unforgettable! I met so many new friends with whom I discovered so much of this beautiful city. My English has hugely improved seeing that in the class English is often the only common language.


Kevin N.

Carolina is fun and caring, she helped me a lot.


Lancelot T.

I spent 3 weeks in central London with French and Italians, it was great! Our teacher was available, and she took time to explain us things we didn't understand at first.

Nicolas U.

Thanks to Karolina I can actually see my improvements with my English level.


Adrien Q.

I liked learning with Karolina and joining the afternoon activities.


Cécile F.

Karolina is a very nice teacher and we all had fun during her classes.


Loïse J.

I started the classes with a quite low level and within one month I could already see my improvements, I really appreciated Karolina’s teaching method.


Luca A.

I had problems at school learning English because we were too many of us in my class, while with Klazz Karolina was closer to the individual students. I improved a lot.


Chiara B.

Karolina is the best English teacher I ever had!


Giorgia P.

My classmates and I were overall very satisfied of the teacher Karolina and of our progress. I can now easily hold a regular conversation with anyone. It was nice to have the opportunity to speak English also during the afternoon activities.


Alice N.

I had a good time in the class learning English with Karolina, as she made the lesson fun and interesting.


Sara H.

It was rewarding to see my quick improvements with grammar, thanks Karolina!


Jann J.

Karolina is an amazing teacher, she made us read several interesting texts to learn new words and she made us talk a lot, so that we could improve quickly.


Lea E.

Studying English with Karolina is easy and enjoyable!


Valère M.

Karolina is young but has a great way of teaching, I could definitely learn a lot with her. We visited together museums in the afternoon and could further practice English. I took this course in order to boost my career and I am sure it will actually be very useful.


Annalisa T.

I enjoyed spending time studying English with my classmates and with such an amazing teacher, Karolina. My class was small and very international, I have friends all around Europe now! I really had a great time and my English command improved a lot! Thanks Klazz!


Diogo S.

Travelling to London to study English was the best choice I ever took. I spent 6 weeks attending the intensive course, and I would suggest it to anyone! Our teacher Karolina was very prepared, she took time to focus on each student and was available to answer any question or doubt. I feel more confident speaking English and I will surely take another course with Klazz if I have the chance!


Baltasar T.

Karolina is a very good teacher, I learned a lot with her. Nevertheless, during my third week with Klazz we were 10 in class and you could see she was finding difficult to follow each student individually.


Julio L.

I work, therefore I needed a course allowing me to improve a lot in a short time. I spent two weeks in London with Klazz and I’m definitely satisfied! The teacher was awesome, the topics we covered were exactly what I needed to learn, the activities in the afternoon were interesting and a perfect way to practice what we learned in class... Nothing left to say, it was simply perfect!


Melissa R.

I had an amazing time with Klazz, classes were fun and interesting and Karolina was really prepared.


Mathilde N.

Karolina really knows how to teach English, I loved her method and I could notice my quick improvements.


Rita K.

With Karolina learning English is easy, she’s very attentive to your needs.


Laura D.

I enjoyed the classes with Karolina and I’m very satisfied with my results.


Amanda L.

Klazz Campus - Your Personal Travel Companion

Klazz Campus is your useful helper during the entire language trip. After you book, you will be able to see your booking, meet future classmates, and organize your language trip. As soon as you arrive in UK, Klazz Campus will guide you to your host family. You can view your homework assignments and you can conveniently book social and leisure activities from wherever you are.

Preparation list for travel
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Get in touch with your teacher
Klazz campus app
Discover your class and accomodation
Book your activities
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International and diverse students

Student ages Student age 21-2 5 28% 41 + 6% 31-4 0 16% 26-3 0 18% 18-2 0 32%
Gender balance Gender balance Men Women 56% 44%
Student nationalities Student nationalities Italy 15% Others 5% Switzerland 5% France 75%

About London

London is the perfect city to learn English abroad. It is a melting pot of cultures and people and has a lot to offer in terms of history, activities, and adventure.


8.7 million


British Pound £

Time Zone:

UTC (+00:00)

Dialing Code:




Plugs & Adapter:

Power outlet type G Power outlet type G

Best things to do in London

Big Ben

Big Ben

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

River Thames

River Thames

The National Gallery

The National Gallery

Our Teachers recommend


Yes, at the end of your language course you will receive an official Klazz language certificate which gives information about your oral and written language skills. The placement corresponds to the international reference framework for European languages and is therefore understandable for every employer worldwide.
Yes, we make sure you and your classmates are on the same language levels. After booking, you will take a short online language placement test on Klazz Campus. Based on your results we will assign you to a class with students of the same level. You will also be in contact with your teacher before the class starts. Together you will be able to determine your priorities and find out what you want to improve. A very personal learning experience!
We are carefully interviewing, selecting, and constantly reviewing our teachers in person so that our students have the best learning experience. All our teachers are certified and have years of experience. They have been specifically selected to teach international students and build tailor-made programs for them.
Lessons start every Monday at 9.00am. There are 4 lessons of 45 minutes focusing on grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. If you choose to follow an intensive course, you will attend an additional 2 lessons of 45 minutes in the afternoon. After booking and getting access to your Klazz Campus account, your timetable will be displayed (see below):


Once you have made a booking you can either pay by credit card immediately or bank transfer within 10 days after your booking, but no later than 10 days before your course starts. Your booking is confirmed once the total amount is paid and until this point, Language Travel Reinvented AG has the right to cancel your reservation. Once payment is made, we will ensure you receive all the documents required for your trip at least two weeks before the start of your course.

Cancellations must be made in writing as soon as possible. If you would like to cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, you are required to pay a cancellation charge of 400 EUR / 500 CHF. If you make a last minute cancellation, the following charges apply:

  • 29 days or more before the start of the course: 400 EUR / 500 CHF
  • Between 14 and 28 days before the start of the course: 20% of the course and full accommodation costs (min. 400 EUR / 500 CHF)
  • Between 7 and 13 days before the start of the course: 40% of the course and full accommodation costs (min. 400 EUR / 500 CHF)
  • Between 1 and 6 days before the start of the course: 70% of the course and full accommodation costs (min. 400 EUR / 500 CHF)

Your language travel is covered by our travel insurance by Helvetic Assistance. Their travel insurance terms and conditions apply.

In the unlikely event that Language Travel Reinvented AG has to cancel your language course, you will be informed in writing within five working days. In this case, we will reimburse you the entire amount that has already been paid to us as soon as possible.

The cost of your program is fixed when you confirm your reservation. From this point, any price increases resulting from fluctuations in exchange rates or school price changes will not affect you.

It may not be possible to modify your booking after your departure. If changes are possible, you will be required to pay a fee of 80 EUR / 100 CHF. If you would like to change your booking to a different teacher, this will be deemed a cancellation of your original booking.

Why Klazz

Affordable and convenient

Study English in the heart of London for an affordable price. It has never been so easy to immerse yourself in British culture.

Simple and innovative

Select your class, book, go. It only takes three steps to make your booking. Klazz Campus will provide you with helpful information and support throughout your stay.

Safe and transparent

With Klazz you can see your teacher and future classmates in advance, book a host family from home and enjoy the stay thanks to our included travel insurance!

Efficient and personalized

We offer small, comfortable class sizes to enhance your learning experience. Courses are personalized based on your needs. Choose the start date and duration that suit you best.

We are Unique

Traditional schools sell courses through agencies. Agency margins reach up to 40%! Additionally, agencies try to sell you expensive courses, since that’s how they earn more.

Klazz has no middlemen and therefore no added costs! We have our own study advisors who are language travel experts and will tell you everything as it is; while agency representatives are often badly informed about schools that they sell.

Language schools traditionally pay high maintenance and rental costs, even when their facilities are empty. All this adds to your course price.

At Klazz we rent rooms in coworking spaces. We pay for facilities only when we need them.
Additionally - we can always pick just the best locations with optimal conditions. And our students get to engage with interesting locals who work in those spaces!

Our teachers are professional independent freelancers. We build a strong relationship with them and they work with us only when we need them. This helps us to optimize costs, provide better quality control and assure the best teacher for each class.

This also means our teachers have more flexibility and higher responsibility, which allows us to pay them above the industry average. That’s how we attract the best teachers and how we keep them happy and motivated. Happy teachers = happy students!

We significantly decrease our operational costs by having no physical sales offices, no “old school” paper forms and almost no manual processing. That’s also better for the environment!

Digitalization and optimized processes are at the core of our company, which makes the experience also easier and more convenient for our customers.

Why Klazz?