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Native speaker
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18 and above


Morning Only or Morning + Afternoon


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


We have partnered up with HFS London, a British Council certified host family agency connecting English host families to students but you can also find your accommodation independently


From 9 AM until the end of the activities it’s impossible to get bored thanks to our engaging learning program.



4 lessons: 45 minutes each

Drink some coffee (for free at the coworking space!) and start your learning experience

Drink some coffee (for free at the coworking space!) and start your learning experience



Time to eat!

Plenty of restaurants available nearby!

Plenty of restaurants available nearby!



+2 lessons: 45 minutes each

Back to the classroom for the afternoon session

Back to the classroom for the afternoon session


Extra Activities

Work hard, play harder!

Check all the available activities on your Klazz Campus account

Check all the available activities on your Klazz Campus account


Intermediate B1| B2
  • The ability to maintain interaction and get across what you want to, in a range of contexts
  • The ability to cope flexibly with problems in everyday life
  • Provide concrete information required in an interview/consultation
  • Summarise and give his or her opinion about a short story, article, talk, discussion interview, or documentary
  • Enter unprepared into conversations on familiar topics*


Innovation Warehouse

Innovation Warehouse

What’s included with the co-working space

  • Free & Fast Wifi
  • Disabled access
  • Communal kitchen
  • Amazing central London location
  • Spacious modern coworking space

What’s not included with the co-working space

  • Computers in classroom

High-quality host families in London

Our homestays are well-connected to our classrooms and can be reached by underground, train and bus. London is one of the largest cities in Europe and is divided into six public transport zones. Depending on your preferences and budget you can choose which zone you want to stay in.


Central London, the closest to the city centre and all the main attractions. A great choice for students who want to be at the heart of the bustle and don’t mind paying a bit more for their accommodation.

What to see: The Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and much more. It’s where the main action takes place!

The ring around the city where you can be in the centre in no time at all. The perfect option for those who still want to feel very much part of the buzz of London while saving up a tad on their accommodation.

What to see: Abbey Road and Camden Town if you want to stay on the hip side, Notting Hill and Portobello Market for a romantic atmosphere.

Farther away from the centre, this zone offers the best of both worlds: it is a little more cheaper than Zone 2 but still reasonably near to the city centre. The ideal solution for those looking for more spacious and affordable host family homes.

What to see: Here you can experience the scents of the Kew Gardens or take a look at the stars at Greenwich.

A more outlying district that provides you with the best of city and country life for a genuine London experience. With fast trains to all London mainline stations, it is the best option for students looking for great value for money and quiet surroundings.

What to see: In this area you have the possibility to visit the Royal Air Force Museum or the Wembley Stadium, one of the most famous sport arenas in the whole world.

What’s included

  • Attendance certificate
  • Travel insurance
  • Customer helpline
  • Language test
  • Events and activities
  • Course materials
  • Klazz Campus account
  • Unlimited tea and coffee
  • Free UK sim card if needed
  • Medical advice

Not included

  • Flights
  • Transport

Top reviews

Classes with Klazz were really good: the teacher was patient with the students, and she had good teaching methods. We went to many museums with the teacher and it was really interesting to talk about the museum afterwards in the class. Now I feel more comfortable in English, so the experience was definitely worth it!


Emily B.

I really admire the teacher Alison, she is very good at her work.


Gilberto M.

There were not so many people in my class so the atmosphere was really nice and the teacher Alison was able to help everyone. I feel I was lucky with the people that were in my class because we all were friends at the end of the week.


Louis D.

The teacher was very good. With her exercises I could see how they helped me to learn, especially for the grammar because in the past I have found this difficult but now I am stronger in this aspect.


Sara B.

Alison is very understanding as a teacher. She can see where your weak points are and she helps you to improve specifically in this area.


Yannick F.

Classes with Klazz were really good: the teacher was patient with the students, and she had good teaching methods. We went to many museums with the teacher and it was really interesting to talk about the museum afterwards in the class. Now I feel more comfortable in English, so the experience was definitely worth it!


Emily B.

Alison is great and she represents Klazz very well.

Radia M.

Alison is a great teacher.


Theo L.

The lessons were really fantastic, Alison prepared a range of activities so that it wasn't boring.


Jasmitha D.

Alison is a great teacher, very professional and reactive! She didn't hesitate to personalize the courses every day according to the difficulties encountered. I really appreciated this experience! Thank you


Lisa K.

The teacher is very kind.


Lilas R.

I had a good experience in London with Klazz. The teacher was very friendly and she helped me a lot. She gave me a lot useful exercises and now I can continue to study in Switzerland. I enjoyed this trip!


Natalie M.

I had a great time with Alison!


Michel A.

Alison is a very good teacher. She made me feel comfortable in the classroom and increased my confidence.


Jacqueline F.

Alison’s lessons were fun and I feel like my English has improved a lot!


Nicole R.

I enjoyed my experience with Klazz. The teacher in particular was fantastic! Thank you Klazz!


Sebastien S.

The classes with Klazz were ok but there could have been a bigger range of exercises to help everyone in the class improve more.


Eric P.

Klazz is a really great school, my teacher Alison helped me so much in the classroom.


Marta G.

I really enjoyed my time with Alison and the other classmates. I feel more confident now holding a short conversation with anyone.


Pascal E.

My English level improved after 3 weeks with Alison as my teacher. I was not so good at the start but now I feel like I can speak with more confidence.


Pietro G.

In the afternoon the class went with Alison around London and we saw a lot of the city with her. One day visited Big Ben and could see the London eye which was beautiful as the weather was sunny that day so we were very lucky. For me the week was a lot of fun.


Silvia N.

I loved classes with Klazz!


Marco M.

My time in London was the best experience of my life. It was my first time in London and honestly I can say that I fell in love with the city. There is so much to see there, it is impossible to be bored. The co-working space is very close to Hyde Park and after class we went there with Alison and the whole class, the weather was so sunny and honestly I can say it was an amazing time. I would recommend to everyone to go to London in their life! Thank you Klazz!


Martina A.

I wanted to improve my English to give me more career options and I found that these classes helped me a lot, now my English is much better. The teacher, Alison, is very good as she understands the needs of each student and because the class is small she is able to focus on everyone. Overall, Klazz was very good for me and I recommend it highly.


João N.

My teacher in London was Alison and I found that she was an excellent teacher. She has patience with her students so you do not feel embarrassed or upset if you make a mistake, and she encourages you to be confident when you are speaking English. My English has improved now thanks to Alison and Klazz.


Francesca M.

English lessons with Alison are interesting and never boring, she’s very good at teaching and pushes you to give your best, so that I could really see my improvements.


Matteo B.

The time with Klazz was amazing, I loved the teacher Alison!


Sophia P.

There were more people in my class than I hoped (we were 9), but the teacher Alison was still able to help all of us and everyone could feel like they were important.


Davide L.

I had a great time in London, studying English in a very international class with Alison as a teacher.


Dario T.

The teacher Alison was very kind but I think sometimes it was difficult for her to control the class because there were 9 of us and some people were talking at the same time. However, overall it was very good and this was only on the first day that we had a small problem.


Elias R.

London is a beautiful city! I think it is my favourite place in the world now because I had a fantastic time there with my teacher Alison and my class.


Hanna O.

My stay in London was amazing! I loved the Christmas atmosphere, we went visiting Christmas markets with our teacher Alison and it was so cool! Classes in the morning were intense but worth it, as I feel way better now when I speak English.


Luka D.

Alison is a good teacher and she helped my English to improve when I was in London because she explained the topics very clearly so I felt that I really understood it.


Charlote E.

The exercises we did with with Alison were perfect for our level. With my four classmates, we worked mostly on writing and speaking, and now I am more relaxed when I speak English.


Lena D.

I loved spending 2 weeks with Klazz. With my classmates we had classes with Alison (a great teacher!) in the morning, and visited London together in the afternoon, stopped by pubs, having dinner together… In the end, my classmates became my friends!


Amélie D.

I really liked the teacher Alison and the classmates, we had a good time together and are still in touch.


Laura I.

Studying with Alison was the best, it was easy to understand her explanations and she was totally available to answer all our questions.


Elisabeth V.

Alison is an amazing teacher, without any doubt. She was all the time nice and caring, and she’s very good at teaching English.


Davide G.

The Klazz teacher Alison is the perfect teacher, she is kind with her students and she makes you feel important. All of us in the class loved Alison because she made the learning fun, which it has never been for me before I came with Klazz.


Justine P.

I was in London for 3 weeks to learn English but I wish that I could stay longer there. Everyone in the class was very nice and we were all friends together so the lessons were very fun, and the teacher Alison was also great.


Clara D.

I will say that I had a good time overall with Klazz because my teacher Alison was excellent but I think that there were too many people in the class for me. In the first week we were 10 people and the next week it was 9, I would prefer a smaller class.


Fiorela T.

Classes with Klazz were fun and we learned a lot from our teacher Alison, she is very good with explaining things clearly. In the afternoons we did activities, for example one day we went to the museum and Alison informed us of many interesting facts about the museum. The activities in the afternoon were my favourite because you see interesting sites but you also are still speaking English so you feel that you are improving. I had a great time and London is the best city!


Nina Z.

My classes with Klazz were always interesting because there was a good range of exercises and then in the afternoon we all went to visit nice places in London.


Camila T.

Alison is a great teacher: creative and patient. I enjoyed her learning games and I think they were useful.


Taina Di G.

A very good experience with Klazz! I've enjoyed my experience with Klazz. I stayed two weeks in September in London. We were three people the first and only two the second week. So, with our native English-speaking teacher, Alison, it was easier to improve our skills in English.


Béatrice P.

Alison is very attentive to the well being of the students. She takes the time to adapt to everyone's weakness. A lot of exercise and links to study even outside class. She's a good guide for London outings and discoveries. The courses are articulated in stages: individual working, grammar, vocabulary and listening. This makes it possible to vary the working supports.


Mathilde R.

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International and diverse students

Student ages Student age 21-2 5 28% 41 + 6% 31-4 0 16% 26-3 0 18% 18-2 0 32%
Gender balance Gender balance Men Women 56% 44%
Student nationalities Student nationalities Italy 15% Others 5% Switzerland 5% France 75%

About London

London is the perfect city to learn English abroad. It is a melting pot of cultures and people and has a lot to offer in terms of history, activities and adventure.


8,7 million


British pound £

Time Zone:

UTC (+00:00)

Dialing Code:




Plugs & Adapter:

Power outlet type G

Best things to do in London

The London Eye

The London Eye

Built in 2000 the London Eye is the perfect way to see the city from above!

Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament. A must see in London!

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

London’s most iconic and photogenic bridge, close to the Tower of London too.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

The official residence of Her Majesty the Queen. Make sure you watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony.


At the end of your course you get an attendance certificate from Klazz.
After booking, you will take a short placement test on our online platform. Based on your results we will assign you to a class with students of the same level.
We are interviewing and selecting teachers ourselves. Our main goal is to find native English speakers.
There are usually 4 lessons in the morning (if you choose a general course) and 2 in the afternoon (if you choose to follow an intensive course). But it can vary, depending on a few factors. After booking and getting access to your Klazz Campus account, your timetable will be displayed.


Once you have made a booking you can either pay by credit card immediately or bank transfer within 10 days after your booking, but no later than 10 days before your course starts. Your booking is confirmed once the total amount is paid and until this point, Language Travel Reinvented AG has the right to cancel your reservation. Once payment is made, we will ensure you receive all the documents required for your trip at least two weeks before the start of your course.

Cancellations must be made in writing as soon as possible. If you would like to cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, you are required to pay a cancellation charge of 400 EUR / 500 CHF. If you make a last minute cancellation, the following charges apply:

  • 29 days or more before the start of the course: 400 EUR / 500 CHF
  • Between 14 and 28 days before the start of the course: 20% of the course and full accommodation costs (min. 400 EUR / 500 CHF)
  • Between 7 and 13 days before the start of the course: 40% of the course and full accommodation costs (min. 400 EUR / 500 CHF)
  • Between 1 and 6 days before the start of the course: 70% of the course and full accommodation costs (min. 400 EUR / 500 CHF)

Your language travel is covered by our travel insurance by Helvetic Assistance. Their travel insurance terms and conditions apply.

In the unlikely event that Language Travel Reinvented AG has to cancel your language course, you will be informed in writing within five working days. In this case, we will reimburse you the entire amount that has already been paid to us as soon as possible.

The cost of your program is fixed when you confirm your reservation. From this point, any price increases resulting from fluctuations in exchange rates or school price changes will not affect you.

It may not be possible to modify your booking after your departure. If changes are possible, you will be required to pay a fee of 80 EUR / 100 CHF. If you would like to change your booking to a different teacher, this will be deemed a cancellation of your original booking.

Why Klazz

Affordable and convenient

Study English in the heart of London for an affordable price. It has never been so easy to immerse yourself in British culture.

Simple and innovative

Select your class, book, go. It only takes three steps to make your booking. Klazz Campus will provide you with helpful information and support throughout your stay.

Safe and transparent

With Klazz you can see your teacher and future classmates in advance, book a host family from home and enjoy the stay thanks to our included travel insurance!

Efficient and personalized

We offer small, comfortable class sizes to enhance your learning experience. Courses are personalized based on your needs. Choose the start date and duration that suit you best.

We are Unique

Traditional schools sell courses through agencies. Agency margins reach up to 40%! Additionally, agencies try to sell you expensive courses, since that’s how they earn more.

Klazz has no middlemen and therefore no added costs! We have our own study advisors who are language travel experts and will tell you everything as it is; while agency representatives are often badly informed about schools that they sell.

Language schools traditionally pay high maintenance and rental costs, even when their facilities are empty. All this adds to your course price.

At Klazz we rent rooms in coworking spaces. We pay for facilities only when we need them.
Additionally - we can always pick just the best locations with optimal conditions. And our students get to engage with interesting locals who work in those spaces!

Our teachers are professional independent freelancers. We build a strong relationship with them and they work with us only when we need them. This helps us to optimize costs, provide better quality control and assure the best teacher for each class.

This also means our teachers have more flexibility and higher responsibility, which allows us to pay them above the industry average. That’s how we attract the best teachers and how we keep them happy and motivated. Happy teachers = happy students!

We significantly decrease our operational costs by having no physical sales offices, no “old school” paper forms and almost no manual processing. That’s also better for the environment!

Digitalization and optimized processes are at the core of our company, which makes the experience also easier and more convenient for our customers.

Why Klazz?