Motivation is one of the absolute key factors in successfully learning any language, and learning English can at times take a lot of it. No matter how much we want to learn it, or really have to learn it, studying any new language takes work (and a lot of it!) and there are times when it feels like you just want to give up on it.

Here are some of our own personally tried and tested tips to help you push through and get back on track:

1. Take a breather

That is sometimes all that it takes. It won’t be the end of the world if you take a couple of days or even a week off, slow down, rest up and recharge. Clearing up your head and being able to look at things with fresh eyes again will make you look forward to the next class and – most importantly – make you remember why you decided to take up learning English in the first place.

2. Make it fun again

It is said that people rarely succeed in something unless they have fun doing it. And that couldn’t be more true. So do try to always keep the fun in learning by including some of the following in your routine:

  • Watching, reading and listening to a lot of stuff that you actually like and feel naturally drawn to. Anything that sparks interest for you will do.
  • Games and game-like language apps (those usually make you feel better about your language skills no matter which level you are!).
  • Talking to native English people about anything in the world – that will ensure that you’re getting live and current (as opposed to stuffy academic) experience of the language.

3. Visualize your future success

And “I want to be fluent” or “I want to speak like a native” is not enough here. Think real life case scenarios – you studying something that truly excites you in a university in Scotland, or being able to converse with a Sydney native about whatever comes to your mind in that moment while on a trip to Australia. It just has to be something that resonates with you emotionally – that will make all the difference and help you fall back in love with the language again.

4. Find like minded people

There’s definitely a huge value and comfort in knowing that you’re not alone with your learning and motivation struggles. Think about joining an English language meet-up, doing a language exchange or joining one of our numerous afternoon activities  essentially anything in which you could surround yourself with fellow English learners and share your trials and tribulations in the process together.

5. Think of how far you’ve come

One of the most common rationales for the lack of motivation in learning anything that is new to you is that you don’t feel like you are getting any better at it. Or you are not getting better at it fast enough. So take a moment here and think back to where you have started from. Find something substantial that would remind you of the progress you’ve made – try to watch an episode of your favourite American TV show that you couldn’t grasp at all before, but in which you can now follow most of the dialogues with ease; or read an extract of an English book and take note of how much faster you are able to go through it. Those are all the fruits of your hard work, effort and dedication that you have put in up until now, so take stock and be proud of them.