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Host Families

Staying with a host family is the most popular accommodation option for language learners. Homestays provide a genuine cultural experience and a safe way to stay, when learning a new language abroad.

Host Family Amenities

Free Breakfast
Washing Machine
Shared Bathrooms
Common Rooms

Great Value

Host families offer an affordable, high-quality and safe accommodation option.

Real Homes

Host families are more than just the owner of your room: They’re your home away from home.

Full Immersion

Live with local English speakers and be surrounded by English all the times.

You get to know your host

Book your language trip and select the area you want to stay in.
Any dietary requirements or allergies? Enter them on Klazz Campus, our language travel app.
Choose your host family before traveling on Klazz Campus.

Other Accommodation Options


Airbnb is a popular choice for many students who wish to have their own space. With Airbnb you can book a whole apartment for yourself or stay in a more quirky style of house.
Explore your options here!

Student residences

Do you want to stay with other language travellers? Then a student residency is the right accommodation option for you.


Hostels are a great way to meet new people from all over the world. Unlike hotels, hostels have facilities like kitchens and washing machines so you can be more self-sufficient.


If you want to be in the very heart of the action and want to eat out, then consider booking a hotel for the duration of your course.

Customer Support

We are a team of experienced language travel specialists and speak over more than 20 languages. We are here to help you! Our Customer Support team brings years of professional expertise in the language travel industry and can assist you with all of your questions.

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London is divided into 6 zones, 1 being the most central one, and 6 the furthest one.
No accommodation is not included in the price but it's very easy to book a host family 
with Klazz.
Yes, we suggest that you stay with the same host family during the duration of your stay. We select the host families based on students individual needs and requirements.

London is one of the largest cities in Europe and is divided into six public transport zones. Depending on your preferences and budget you can choose which zone you want to stay in. To give you an idea of what being in any of those zones mean, check out the map below:

No, public transport is not included in the price. The best way to get yourself around London is to purchase an Oyster Card at any main station at your arrival. You can either purchase a weekly travel card for around 35 Pounds or top it up as you please.
We offer homestays with local English host families. We have teamed up with HFS London who will provide you with your homestay experience. HFS London has over 2,000 homestay families registered with them and has placed over 10,000 guests in happy homestays! HFS London is the largest British Council registered homestay provider in London. If you don't feel like staying at a host family, please contact us, we will help you find the best possible accommodation.
The distance to the classroom depends on the zone you have selected. Currently, you can select host families in zone 1 to zone 4. The further you away you have selected your zone, the further you have to travel. Please note that we can only give approximate indications of the distance from your home family to the classroom.
Like any homestay agency in London, what we can offer to guests in zone 1 is extremely limited. This is because zone 1 is largely made up of shops, restaurants, bars and other businesses, with little space for homes. Those that do live in zone 1 generally don’t have a spare room available for guests, making it difficult for us, or any agency, to provide homestay here.